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SpecForge is a professional software&hardware development company

SpecForge’s Today

SpecForge is a professional software&hardware development company. The company is located in Russia, Tomsk. Tomsk is the large scientific and cultural centre of Siberia. High performance of our solutions is the highest priority in our work. We endeavour best efforts high satisfaction of our clients’ requests. We strive to work with our customers in a close contact informing them about all important stages of the project. Creating innovative solutions we apply new technologies and recent trends in hardware&software development. We provide a wide range of services to our customers, developing solutions in different technologies ranging from hardware design and low-level programming to high-level intelligent systems.

Actually our team has over 10 years of working experience in the field of image processing and hardware development including scientific research. At the same time SpecForge activity is based on the long-term traditions, the best practices and the powerful scientific base of the Russian scientific-research. All above mentioned advantages make SpecForge the best choice for realization of your project. Start cooperating with us and, undoubtedly, we will never let you down.

SpecForge’s History

We have started as Computer Vision Systems for business since 1999 when it was founded by the group of post-graduates on the base of Information-Measuring Techniques Laboratory of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, Russia. For our team it was very important to participate in scientific development for Russian Institutes and companies, which enabled us to accumulate experience in fields of complex video\signal processing and hardware design. It is important that the founders of the company have academic degree in computer science. Since 2004 we have formed a self-sufficiency scientific team to provide services to a number of Russian companies on the contract basis. In July 2005 we made a decision to get in the international market to provide successful performance of the work for our foreign partners directly and got SpecForge name. Over 10 years of SpecForge's success lays on the two main benefits we grant to our customers – the significant cost reduction and the high technological innovative solutions.

SpecForge’s Team

Our company employs a number of professional developers with extensive knowledge and vast experience in the field of commercial and scientific development:

  • 100% of SpecForge’s staff has higher education
  • employees with PhD Degree
  • Qualified project managers and leaders
  • Continuous training in development and languages is provided
Our office is equipped with the most modern hardware, software, and network connectivity, with high levels of security and reliability.

We are looking forward to do the business with you.


News & Events

March 27, 2014, Free NVR Server Project
Our software team began working for Open NVR server project. A distributed system consists of NVR server and WEB site for clients.
March 26, 2014, IP Display prototyping
Hardware team start prototyping IP Display unit. Within a few weeks we will do a few samples and proceed to their tests. This board can be used to provide also inexpensive NVR server.

More information about IP Display

March 25, 2014, New design IP Camera SONY IMX136 sensor
We have finished a new revision of HD IP Video camera based on TI TMS320DM368 chip. Total camera value was reduced. Support SONY IMX136 video sensor. It allows us to get good quality video at low cost.

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Todor Fay, President NewBlue, La Jolla, CA USA
We had inherited a USB driver that performed poorly and even caused intermittent blue screens on newer model computers.

Design Portfolio

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IP Display - shows decoded video streams on screen

Display which we design can be made in two different versions. The modification to watch video streams with embedded LCD panel and the modification with HDMI video output supported 2 SATA interfaces can be used as player to external display and simple NVR server/recorder. The main features is IP Displays can be assembled to one video wall and also it has low cost. IP Displays can be used a variety of configurations relative position with respect to each other.

HD IP Video Camera New Modification

Next revision of HD IP Video camera based on TI TMS320DM368 chip. The main goal of this revision was to reduce the total cost for the camera design. Also new camera support SONY IMX136 video sensor. This sensor allow us to get good quality video at low cost.


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